One and a half amazing days in Las Vegas

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Las Vegas - view of the city

I’m not sure what I expected Las Vegas to be like, but I surely didn’t expect THIS. It’s incredible - literally. I felt like I was in Disney Land the whole time, or something like this. The buildings, the lights, the atmosphere. It’s pretty surreal.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas Strip

I guess I thought that it was just a normal city with tons of Casinos and weird monuments. It does have loads of Casinos, but it’s not a normal city. Good thing is though: you can walk from one end of the Strip (which is the main street) to the other, no need for a car.

Las Vegas Strip - Encore Casino
Las Vegas Strip

We stayed at the Rita Suites, where we basically had a whole apartment to ourselves (minus the kitchen, plus the service). It’s great, and the location is very practical as well. It took us around 10 minutes to walk down to the Strip.
A good tip if you don't want to stay in a hotel: the RV parks in Vegas are really inexpensive (around 20$)!

Las Vegas Strip - Caesar Palace
Las Vegas - Le Mirage
Las Vegas Strip

We stayed two days, which was a good amount of time for us. I guess you could see most of the things in one day as well, or take advantage of the Casinos and nightclubs more and stay longer. We did a bit of both: walking around and exploring as well as playing and having cocktails at Casinos.

Las Vegas - Eiffel Tower
Las Vegas - Flamingo
Las Vegas Strip

Every Casino is different: I particularly liked the Venetian with its gondolas and fake skies (you feel like you’re outside but you’re not, which is a little disturbing), the Flamingo with its (real) flamingos, the Bellagio, because it’s really pretty, and the whole Paris area because it’s so well made. The Cosmopolitan is really nice, too. We didn’t go into every single Casino though, so I don’t know what we might have missed!

Las Vegas Strip - The VenetianLas Vegas Strip - The Venetian

In terms of games, there are tons of machines where you can bet only one cent at a time, which is a great option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Las Vegas Strip - Bellagio

All in all, we walked quite a bit. So if I were to give one tip, it would be: bring comfortable shoes. It’s not that easy to take an Uber, either: you have to choose a hotel as a pick up location – we tried to get one on the side of the road but the app didn’t let us.

A very fun thing we did was visiting the Battlefield Las Vegas shooting range. I've never held a gun before (neither did Matt), and we really wanted to try it out! It's very expensive (like up to over 300$ expensive) if you want to try multiple guns and weapons, but we just went for the basic pistol. We each paid 35$ for 20 rounds with a pistol of our choice, and it was so much fun! And it's pretty easy, too - probably not with bigger weapons though. I didn't think I was going to be able to hit the target, but I did multiple times!

Battlefield Las Vegas

To me, Las Vegas was absolutely worth the trip! I had definitely not expected to like it so much.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas and how did you like it?

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