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Sunday, 2 July 2017

My favourite summer dress fom ASOS

I'm picky when it comes to dresses. I want them to be comfortable (above all), baggy enough so I can eat without looking 5 months pregnant, not too short, but not long either (I'm not a big fan of maxi or midi dresses on me. I know, I know, they're a huge trend and all, but I'm just not)... the list goes on.

And it gets even worse in the summer, when they can't have sleeves or else I'm too hot, they need to be cut in a way where I don't have to worry about wind, they need to be breezy... honestly, it's no wonder that I usually wear shorts.

However, I recently ordered this black dress from Asos (it's on sale here) and it's so perfect that I needed to write a whole post about it! I already wrote a post about my favourite summer finds this year, but this one deserves a special place. 😊

It's longer in the back, which means that you never need to worry about it being too short, about sitting down in gross public transport, about it flying up on windy days, or about it not being appropriate for work (my work place is super casual though, otherwise I probably wouldn't wear it there).

It's black (my favourite colour), so it goes with everything, and the material is super thin and breezy, but not see-through at all. And it's so, SO comfortable.

My favourite summer dress fom ASOS
My favourite summer dress fom ASOS
My favourite summer dress fom ASOS
My favourite summer dress fom ASOS
I'm not too sure why I included this picture here but maybe someone likes cats?

What are your favourite pieces to wear in the summer?

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