SheIn - My new go-to for affordable fashion

Sunday, 10 September 2017

This is the second time I am writing this post. Do you want to know why? Well, originally I only allowed myself to test out SheIn so I could write a review for anyone who's interested. Since then, it has become my go-to place for affordable fashion. Quite an unexpected turn of events, right?

Not really, actually. SheIn has so many cute clothes and accessories and they are just so cheap. Throw in reliable shipping and a decent quality and I'm hooked.

So here it goes, everything you need to know about SheIn!

SheIn - My new go-to for affordable fashion

Shopping experience & Sizing

My first tip would be to order from the SheIn app.The first time I ordered from their website, and I didn't see any customer reviews or pictures. But the app has tons of them, and a lot of people post pictures of them wearing the items as well, which comes in very handy.

Seeing reviews also helps with a major problem I had with SheIn: the sizing. It is not the same as your typical Zara sizing, and a lot of their pieces are actually one-size.
From my experience, I would recommend to size up if you like being comfortable in your clothes - like, I'm always a small when it comes to pants (I know it doesn't look that way, but a bigger size just falls right off my waist or hips, depending on where they were supposed to lay) - but a medium fits me way better when it comes to SheIn bottoms.
As for the one-size, it totally depends on the specific item. I got a one-sized shirt that fits like a medium to large, as well as a one-sized top that fits like a small. I'm saying it again: be sure to check the reviews.

SheIn - My new go-to for affordable fashion


I thought that shipping would take ages, but I actually tend to receive my orders in less then two weeks! Their tracking doesn't work (at least for me), and once I actually got an email telling me that they only sent one of my three items... But I still ended up getting my whole order, so I guess you can just ignore weird emails?

SheIn - My new go-to for affordable fashion

Picture vs. reality

The most important question: do the clothes actually look as good as in the pictures? Honestly, I feel like they do. I've ordered a ton already, and I didn't feel the need to send anything back, except for some pants that I ordered in the wrong size. (They're still in my wardrobe though... I'm terrible at sending stuff back).
One thing you have to keep in mind though is that materials are usually pretty thin, and their cotton shirts need thorough ironing.

SheIn - My new go-to for affordable fashion
SheIn - My new go-to for affordable fashion
I am obsessed with these shorts!

What do you think about SheIn?

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