7 signs that your boyfriend/husband is coming down with a cold

Sunday, 29 October 2017

The fist signs started appearing about two weeks ago. From there, it just got worse. And within a couple of days, it all turned into a disaster: my usually very-fun-to-live-with boyfriend turned into a whiny mess of complaint and exaggeration. His diagnosis? Probable death in the next two hours. My analysis? Yep, you guessed right (and the title of this post kind of gave me away, too): a cold.

7 signs that your boyfriend/husband is coming down with a cold

It's common knowledge that men tend to turn into little kids when they have a cold (and only when they have a cold - because somehow they deal just fine with any other illness) and boy, is that true.

So let me share with you the first signs of an upcoming I'm-going-to-die-soon man cold that will give you the chance to pack your bags and leave in time (I'm kidding, you should stay and take care of your baby-, eh, boyfriend. They too have stand by us girls through our PMS, don't they?).

1. The first symptoms
In the morning, speaking with an excessively raspy voice: "I think there's something wrong with my throat... it feels swollen, I'm sure it's something serious..."

2. The diagnosis
Also in the morning, probably following the previous sentence, spoken in the same raspy voice: "I guess I have angina..."

3. The medication
After lightly coughing one single time: "Do we have cough syrup? I can't stop coughing, I can't possibly go to work like that!"

4. The aggravation
While reaching for a tissue for the second time within the same day: "I think I really have the flu now, it's getting worse and worse!"

5. The resignation
Coming out of the bedroom with two tissues sticking out of his nose: "Well that's how I'm gonna look for the next couple of days.. I'm too sick to be presentable."

6. The deterioration
In the morning again: "I have a headache! Why do I have a headache? I never have headaches.. I don't know what to do! I tried to watch a movie in the middle of the night and it didn't go away..."

7. The acceptance of death
At any possible moment, probably following one or all of the 6 previous steps: "I'm so sick, I think I'm gonna lay in bed and die.. can you come and take care of me?"

And there you have it: a big baby-boyfriend that needs to be treated like a sick puppy. A situation you'll be stuck in for the next couple of days - unless you decide to call his mommy. 😁

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