My favourite life-changing products of 2017

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

2017 is almost over, and I really wanted to share some things that I have been loving throughout the year with you! These might seem random or not work for everyone, but I truly love all these products and maybe some of you will, too!

My favourite life-changing products of 2017

1. Tangle Teezer

I thought for a long time that the tangle teezer was just another gadget that wasn't worth the high price tag. That is, until I forgot to bring my hairbrush on my trip to Rome and decided to take the opportunity to try one. And let me tell you: it was so worth the price for me! I always had long, curly, frizzy and super tangled hair that was basically impossible to brush. I used to dread brushing my hair as a kid and even up until this year, it would take me 20 minutes to brush it, even in the shower with conditioner in it. However, the tangle teezer just glides through my hair as though there were no tangles at all... I have no idea why it works so well, but if you have the same issues as me, chances are that you might really like it.

My favourite life-changing products of 2017

2. Baby shampoo & shower gel

Ever since I moved to Paris, I have had super dry skin because of the calcareous water and would have to buy rather expensive shower creams from the pharmacy in order to make it better. Same goes for shampoo, since my scalp didn't agree with the new water either. And then one day, my grandma talked to me about how she always uses baby shampoo on her hair because it's super gentle. Obviously, I had to try it as well and I have to say that it works really well! It really is very gentle and works just as well as my 10 times more expensive products from the pharmacy. I don't have a specific brand to recommend (I use a German drugstore brand that has quite good ingredients as far as I can tell), but I'm sure that there are tons of inexpensive options in the drugstore!

3. Foreo Luna

At first sight, the Foreo face cleansing device seems like a crazy overpriced and gimmicky objet.
And to be honest, it might be just that for people with normal skin. I do love my Foreo, which I got for my birthday last year, for one very specific reason: to get stuff out of my pores (gross). Honestly, I used to try everything to get rid of my clogged pores (scrubs, masks, pore strips... you name it, I've probably tried it), but nothing would ever really help. But once I started using the Foreo, my clogged pores disappeared within a couple of weeks! I honestly don't have that problem at all anymore, unless I stop using the device for several days in row, which happens only when I travel. I know it's super expensive, but it replaces all other exfoliants that you might use and it will hopefully last a long time, so that it does pay out in the end!

My favourite life-changing products of 2017

4. Lactose free milk & soya yoghurts

These seem like such straight-forward options for people who can't eat dairy, yet somehow I've only started buying them this year... I do eat dairy in forms of cheese, but I haven't had actual milk in years and I had completely abandoned the thought of hot chocolate, muesli and yogurt. And then one day, I saw lactose free milk in a store and bought it. And I've been buying it ever since. It's a little more expensive than regular milk but that's okay for me. And as for soya yoghurts: they just taste really good!

5. iRobot

Aaand yet another expensive gimmicky product in my list... no, seriously, I love this vacuum robot so much that I couldn't ever live without it anymore. I have a cat, a white rug, and a very small apartment that collects dust like crazy, which means that I basically would have to vacuum every single day. And since I never did that (who has time to vacuum every day, really?), the apartment would always look really gross and messy... In comes the iRobot that now vacuums my place every day at 2pm, while me and Matt are at work! The cat loves it as a toy, and we love coming home to a clean place where we only have to empty the robot, which takes like 2 seconds. It's honestly so great that we got one for my parents as well, and they are very happy with it too.

My favourite life-changing products of 2017

6. Frozen fruit and vegetables

Frozen fruit and vegetables are great for 2 kinds of people: those who buy fresh vegetables and then forget to eat them, and those who live in big cities with small supermarkets that have only rotten fruit. Matt and I are definitely both. We used to barely eat fruits and veggies for these reasons up until we started buying frozen ones at the beginning of this year. Plus, they're already cut so cooking them is even quicker!

7. SheIn

It's only been a couple of months since I discovered this cheap fashion store online, but I have already ordered from there a couple of times. It's is really inexpensive and the quality is pretty decent for the price! Plus, they have a ton of different styles and often carry almost the exact same pieces as Zara or Asos for way cheaper. So if you're not looking for high quality basics but just want to try out new styles, SheIn might be a great store for you! I actually did a whole post on it here.

8. Tissue instead of blotting paper

I used to spend quite a lot of money on blotting paper, especially in the summer when my skin is really oily. And then one day I discovered that tissue actually works just as well, especially if you separate the layers... Long story short, I don't buy blotting paper anymore!

My favourite life-changing products of 2017

9. Oils instead of expensive hair care

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I have quite unruly hair that has always required a ton of products in order to not look like Monica in Barbados (does anyone remember that Friends episode?). I had always used a bunch of more or less expensive products, and it used to add up to quite a sum since I went through them so quickly. Since my hair is even drier in Paris than in was before (stupid water here), I actually started using coconut oil on my hair at one point, and I was surprised at how well it worked. Since then, I added Argan oil to my hair care routine as well and I really love it! Basically, I put coconut oil in my ends while my hair is still wet and use Argan oil on dry hair whenever it gets too frizzy. Not only are these oils way cheaper than leave-in conditioners, but they also last a super long time since you only need a tiny little bit at a time!

So here you have it: my favourite products of 2017. I would really love to know yours as well!

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