What I learned about having a cat in the past 3 years

Sunday, 11 February 2018

I don't consider myself to be an expert on cats, but I've had one for 3 years now and there are some things that you just pick up along the way. Most importantly, I wanted to write this post because I feel like a lot of people would disagree. I mean, when we fist got Oreo, everyone was telling us that cats can't travel, can't be educated and so on. Despite that, we still decided to try and realised that our cat was perfectly happy with all of these things! Sure, it might just be a one-time cat, but I just think that cats aren't as complicated as we believe. ;)

Life hacks for cat owners

1. Don't invest in expensive cat beds, toys or other gadgets. 

It's just not worth it. My cat loves boxes to sleep in way more than anything else, and it's favourite toys are the little plastic wire thingies used to close bread packages. We have bought tons of other toys in the past years, yet none of them made my cat happier than those little wires.

2. Start travelling with your cat as early as possible. 

Everyone had told us that cats can't travel when we first got Oreo. We did anyway when it was necessary, and I must say that he got really calm during road trips over time. Now, he falls asleep in his box as soon as we hit the road! I just don't recommend moving house with your cat. 😅

Life hacks for cat owners

3. Talk to your cat and educate it. 

Whoever said that cats don't understand anything clearly never met my kitty. He answers when we call him by his name, he know the words "no" and "food" very well and he generally seems to have a good idea of what we want of him. For example, he knows exactly that he's not allowed on the table when there's food on it. We found that talking does a better job at educating than punishment, because cats don't get punishment.. at least Oreo doesn't.

4. If you leave your cat alone for a couple of days, be prepared to find some damage when you come home.

Your cat can survive on it's own, but it will get bored and when it's bored, it will start doing stupid things... like chewing on hair elastics, for example. Bon appetit.

Life hacks for cat owners

5. The most expensive food isn't always the best.

The research team of Reviews.com recently published an article about cat food and kindly shared their results with me. I must say that I was pretty disappointed to see that a renowned and expensive brand that we were buying actually wasn't great at all!

6. Don't hang up a dream catcher. 

Ever. Ever. Your cat will never be able to understand that it's not a toy. I mean, it has strings, it has feathers, so it must be a cat toy. Right?

Life hacks for cat owners

7. And lastly: cats can get more cuddly when they get older.

For the first year, we could barely approach Oreo. He hated being touched, he would never come sit next to us, he kept attacking us all the time... so obviously, I was kind of disappointed because I hoped to find a new friend in Oreo, not to raise an animal that would only ever approach me when I give it food or to scratch me. However, he completely changed when he got a little older. Now he's 3 years old and has become much calmer, a lot less aggressive and definitely likes us now 😇. So that's good news, right? What I want to say is just that you shouldn't worry if your kitten isn't acting the way that you'd like it to, because it might all turn out fine!

Life hacks for cat owners

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