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Hi and welcome to random green elephant!

I'm Karina. I was born in Russia, raised in Germany and moved to Paris after my Master's degree in the UK, to join my boyfriend Matt who is French. Since then, we got a cat and named him Oreo.

I decided to finally create a blog after wanting to do this for so many years! I've always loved writing and reading other people's blogs, but I never took the plunge to create my own. And I decided to write in english because honestly, between speeking in a different language with everyone I know, it has become a big mess in my head anyway.

On here, I want to share things that I love with people who might like them as well. And I love travelling, discovering new places, fashion, beauty, chocolate and lots of other random things in life, like potato waffles. Although I'm not sharing those.

If you fancy a chat, just write me an email:

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